Garett Langer
Garett Langer
Graphic Designer

About Me

My name is Garett and you've just found my online portfolio.
Come in, sit down, look around, and leave some positivity.

I have a B.S. in Communications Media with a double concentration in
Graphic Design and Digital Video Production. I've worked as a designer
for companies small and large, working both solo and as part of a team.

I love art. I see it everywhere I go and take influences from everything I perceive.

While you're here

My resume is downloadable via the link directly above. As you view this portfolio, it is possible to see information about each piece by clicking on the titles of the work. It is also possible, and encouraged, to enlarge the images by clicking on them.


Feel free to contact me with inquiries or musings via:

phone: (603) 540-1569
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